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Trucking association director states blocking aren’t impacting the Atlantic area’s supply chain

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Key takeaways: 

  • However, Jean-Marc Picard warns that the circumstances could change fast.
  •  He stated if a siege were to form on an Atlantic Canada border crossing, “then we would see some significant, major effects.”

Blockings aren’t impacting the Trucking association: 

At the border between Canada and the U.S., Sieges pushes the already-struggling supply chain. Still, the executive director of the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association states it shouldn’t induce too much concern for Atlantic Canada just yet.

“Right now for us, we’re not that affected, but it could easily turn around in a moment,” stated Jean-Marc Picard. Source –

Like the one on Ambassador Bridge between Windsor, Ont. and Detroit, Picard declared blocking hadn’t affected the Atlantic regions very much, as that path is mainly used to transport automotive parts.

However, he told supply chain problems could be felt if a siege were to form on one of the border intersections used for the Atlantic regions, like the one between Woodstock, N.B. and Houlton, Maine. 

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Trucking Association of Atlantic Region’s aren’t affected by the border blockades

“If that one is blocked or disrupted, then we would see some prominent, major consequences here,” stated Picard. Source –

Picard told the bulk of goods in Atlantic Canada are carried to the region by land transport, noting that multiple deliveries form in the U.S.

Picard told resources are being put in a position to confirm there would be no consequence if a blockade on an Atlantic Canadian border crossing were to happen. However, he warns that the problem could evolve fast, and there could still be trickle-down consequences from blockades in other national regions. 

“Most firms in Atlantic Canada will have trucks crossing the border in Ontario,” he stated. “There’s a truck that travels the border every five seconds. However you cut and dice it, there’s going to be consequences of some kind, and there’s always a trickle effect.” Source –

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