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Two new COVID 19 cases will be reported as monitoring of the N.L. omicron mutant begins.

Both cases are located in the western health area of ​​the state and the source of infection is being investigated.

Newfoundland and Labrador have reported two new cases of COVID 19 in the state since Monday.

Both cases are located in the Western Health Area of ​​the state and health authorities are investigating the source of the infection. The cases include people between the ages of 50 and 60. Chief Medical Officer of the Medical Officer of Health at the COVID 19 Janice Fitzgerald, the incident was the result of a recommendation by the state government on Tuesday that COVID 19 was found in a wastewater test in the Deer Lake area.

Fitzgerald requires people in areas with symptoms of the virus to be tested. Anyone who travels the area from November 19th to 22nd is encouraged to take the test.

Also on Wednesday, Western Health issued a potential exposure notice interviewing people who visited the coral reefs of Dear Lake’s 10 Commerce Street between 10 am and 5 pm. November 20th, November 22nd, November 23th to schedule a COVID19 test.

Recent recovery has increased the total number of active cases in the state to 22. No one is hospitalized for the virus. The number of completed COVID tests is not available due to an IT failure.

According to Fitzgerald, the state has not yet seen cases of the latest worried COVID 19 variant, the Omicron variant, but- based on state experience with the Delta variant, it may arrive at some point. Cases of Omicron were found this week in four Canadian states.

“Until then, it’s still a COVID virus, and it’s important to remember that we have the tools and expertise to protect ourselves,” she said.

Fitzgerald said she still has a lot to learn about new variants, such as their effects on viral infections, disease severity, and vaccine efficacy. In some countries, including the United States, residents are urged to be vaccinated with COVID 19 boosters to protect themselves from variants, but Newfoundland and Labrador will hold back till Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization give information regarding the same.

Fitzgerald states that boundary tests and changes to isolation rules can be implemented. “It’s still very early and we’re still learning about some of this information, but we’re always thinking about how to identify it early or protect ourselves from it,” she said. Said.

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