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We find Dianna Hughes, the ‘Dee’, surpassing obstacles one after the other to become a triumphant entrepreneur worldwide

Dianna, being the content creator and brand strategist, tries to influence her audience including her daughter on how to excel at success.

Dianna’s passion drove her from being just a blogger to a business woman. She looked for an opportunity to establish ways for brands to get their message throughout while still making things look flawless and innate. She realized that being an influencer herself she had a back end experience on what brands needed to know. She lets the inherent materials of the product inspire her framework. Her favourite part of the business is to conceptualise the various business ideas for her own self and her clients.
Dianna allows her heart and mind to give 100% at the time of research, to get the best output. For her, success is never achieved, each day is a new chapter to learn more and to move in the path of success furthermore. She believes nothing can be achieved alone, it is the team members who work flawlessly to get back more along with the consistent effort of the leader. To achieve a goal, we all need to love our work and stay focused as suggested by Dianna Hughes.

Her arena of work consists of beauty, fashion, wine and spirits. Dianna tries to keep things flow naturally, so that she will not have the notion of ‘working’. In the upcoming years, she would like to grow even more, to be capable of taking up international projects. She would definitely love to fly to Europe or UK for allowing herself to work with the local foreign brands.

Dianna was driven forward by the constant support of her family. Another support that she receives for carrying on with the job are the valuable and positive feedbacks from her clients. She advices us not to quit at any point, even if we feel like to do so, because at the end, it is all worthy. A small girl who was born and brought up in Florida, is now ruling over the world market, which is indeed inspirational for all those who want to reach the stars and succeed in life.

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