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Indian Entrepreneur Pranav Arora – Teenage Business Venture to a Million Dollar Business Empire

Pranav is an investor, speaker, philanthropist, and venture capitalist, besides being a serial entrepreneur at 27 years.

Being many things at a very young age is something people may find quite easy, but in reality, it is far from being that. Becoming multiple things, attaining several influential positions and earning massive status and name at a very young age is something that happens with only a few because those individuals and professionals choose to carve a unique path of success for themselves in incredible ways. We saw how Pranav Arora very effortlessly fitted in, in this category, at the young age of only 27. The Indian businessman who is settled in the US is a youngster who always knew he was made for bigger and better things in life, and this always motivated him to think beyond the usual.

Pranav Arora started his journey at a mere 16 years, as a teenager having big dreams in his eyes as a big-eyed boy and went ahead in becoming a millionaire entrepreneur, all on his own, taking inspiration from his parents. At 16 years, he launched his first company, which he took toward being a million-dollar business. While in middle school, he had started his first company, purchasing packets of gum and pencils and selling them to his friends in between lessons. This gave him the actual understanding of starting and running a business. His first business, Highly Educated, was about selling smoking-related products and accessories, which include hookahs, incense, and stash jars.

During his high school, Pranav Arora expanded his business and then decided to drop out to pursue his passion for running businesses. He massively expanded his company Highly Educated into a million-dollar business and then sold the company after a few years of expansion to follow many of his other interests in business. That is how today he has become the Chairman and a Member of the Board of Directors for a number of well-recognized global businesses, which includes JMTD Holdings and Just Funky, which he started in 2011, and where he is the Head of the Division and is in charge of the B2B and B2C sales and marketing. This has what been the journey of this young business personality (@pranavarora), starting from scratch at 16 to becoming a millionaire serial entrepreneur, investor, speaker, venture capitalist and philanthropist.

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