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Joshua Fletcher and The School of Anxiety

Therapist and social media star, Joshua Fletcher (@anxietyjosh) has set up his School of Anxiety: a place packed full of resources for people who struggle with anxiety disorders.

“I’ve decided to centralize everything that I do into one place and I’m really happy with it.” – Joshua Fletcher

The School of Anxiety is the home to The Panic Pod – a free podcast documenting advice and psychoeducation from the perspective of a therapist and a previous sufferer.

There’s a library of books, including Fletcher’s bestsellers: Untangle Your Anxiety and Anxiety: Panicking about Panic.

The School of Anxiety is also home to the successful “Stop Fearing Fear” course, which has seen hundreds of people turn their lives around from crippling panic attacks and agoraphobia.

Fletcher says that there’s more content on the way, including an Anxiety Encyclopaedia full of helpful articles about all things anxiety.

You can find out more at

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