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Julia Wang – Houston’s numero uno, achieving staggering success in the industry of real estate

Julia Wang’s ‘NextGen Real Estate’ has changed the dynamics of the real estate for the better.

When we hear success stories about people, the one thing we ask ourselves is, ‘how did they do it?’ Well, different people from different industries have different stories to tell. All these individuals; however, have one thing in common and that is the passion and thirst to become successful by putting in their 100% and going all out in their respective fields to attain their definition of success. We came across one powerful woman entrepreneur named Julia Wang, who has taken over the industry of real estate and has changed the dynamics of the industry for the better with her newly found firm in 2020, NextGen Real Estate, which proudly says that it offers brokerage that defines the new normal of the real estate, utilizing technology as well as online and social media channels.

So far in her career, Julia Wang has gone ahead in creating milestones and has been behind the selling and buying of hundreds of properties on behalf of her clients across Houston and even beyond. She is an accredited luxury home specialist who has helped realize the luxury home dreams of many. Julia Wang has even represented builders, investors and developers like Timeline Construction Group, Citywide Builders, MC2 Architects, Imagine Modern Builders, Dreamscape Modern, and so many others in her career.

With her new company, Julia Wang makes the buying and selling process even more easy and convenient for her clients with services like virtual home tours, weekly open houses, availability 24/7 and so much more. Everything had begun for her with marketing after getting graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. However, she realized the growth of real estate and decided to get into the same for fulfilling her purpose in the business world powered by her passion for property.

As a rising leader in the vast real estate arena of the US, Julia Wang very cleverly also leverages social media and online platforms for increasing the marketing reach of her listings. Her consistent posts on social media have garnered her increasing number of followers who crave for her content and insights on real estate.

She has turned into one of the most recognized names in the industry and especially on social media platforms, which has helped her earn the #1 voted realtor on social media. Her innovative and progressive brokerage utilizes the power of social media and online presence.

To reach out to her, one can follow her on Instagram @juliawang_htx

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