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Solomon and Benton announced their continuation of join venture in High-Grade Lithium Results Kraken Pegmatites.

Sokoman Minerals Corp and Benton Resources Inc. together announced that they will continue with the joint venture project which is located in Southwestern Newfoundland for the recently found Kraken pegmatite field. Discovering Lithium and documenting in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada is the first and significant success.

Kraken pegmatite field in Phase 3 has given grab-sample results grading from trace up to 1.93% Li2O while >0.5% Li2O with 11 samples having values, and six samples >1% Li2O. over a 0.5 km2 area the 49 samples were collected and talked about poorly-exposed pegmatite and aplite dykes which show characteristics of significant pegmatite fields around the world including zonation of Tantalum, Rubidium, and Cesium minerals, all considered the elements of critical specialty which could generate Green future electric.

Several new spodumene-bearing pegmatites have also been discovered by the Alliance. Dyke warm of length 2200meters and apparent width of 1200meters have been sampled. to release further 50 samples have been collected. 

Further, the pegmatite field of 8.4km square of detailed LiDAR / Photogrammetry survey has been completed. Moreover, To cover the high-grade Beryllium displaying two samples with >5000 ppm Be and associated anomalous Lithium, Cesium, Rubidium, and Tantalum values, are extended in westward and eastern covers exploring the possible extension of the newly-discovered eastern pegmatite swarm.

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