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How Trevor Fey became a leading e-commerce expert with a flourishing online business

To dream big is the prerogative of the courageous. And 22-year-old Long Islander Trevor Fey is choc-full of that. From believing in himself to becoming the creator of one of the fastest-growing businesses on Amazon and eventually a leading e-commerce expert, Trevor Fey has come a long way. His intrepid journey is a source of inspiration and can be down into three phases. 

Phase I. Feeling helpless.

School never excited Fey. He always felt that “I was never the best at following directions in the schooling system, of going to school for four years while collecting debt and then working a 9 to 5 job.” This made him test out different kinds of jobs and started “working for my dad, finding jobs online, and always jumping from opportunity to opportunity. It wasn’t until later that I realized how big the e-commerce space was. You see these guys online making all this money, and it always seems too good to be true until you try it.” Once he discovered the infinite potential of e-commerce, he knew he’d hit the jackpot. It was time to sit down, focus, and learn what it takes to make it big in the e-commerce space. 

Phase II. Learning to help myself.

As Fey educated himself about e-commerce, he realized it was nothing like anything he’d done before. He says, “The thing with e-commerce is that it’s never-ending. There is always someone at the other end of the computer looking to buy whatever it is you’re selling. Once I realized that, I decided to team up with a friend from school and sell on Amazon. After seeing its success, we decided to offer it to anybody who cared to listen. And within the first six months, we were able to generate over USD 1.5 million in revenue, which continues to push over USD 300,000 a month in sales.”

Phase III. The joy of helping others. 

His success made him realize his knack for e-commerce. He knew he had something others could benefit from. He decided to offer his services as an e-commerce expert. Thanks to that decision, today, he has “over 100 clients whose accounts we run, making them thousands a month completely hands-free and passive and surpassing their initial investment in less than six months. I thrive off of my clients’ success, and there is no better feeling than seeing their sales go through the roof while they sit back and watch. As much as I love to succeed, what pushes me is seeing what I’m able to do for other people.” 

His success in business and as an e-commerce expert has “given me the freedom to travel and work, and I couldn’t be more grateful.” Here’s wishing Fey and his clients many more successes to come.

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