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The Meteoric Rise of Ahmed Mukhtar in the WOrld of Network Marketing

When we observe our history, we see that there are entrepreneurs who are famous for their work worldwide. Entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, etc. were college drop-outs and still managed to perform miraculously well in their chosen fields of interest. They have become an inspiration for the world. Hence, it is proven that achieving success does not depend on our age, time, and high educational qualifications. Although, gaining basic education is a necessity, but achieving success majorly depends upon our dedication, innovation, and hard work. One such person, who took the time to start his career but is a popular name today, is Ahmed Mukhtar.

Ahmed Mukhtar’s early life

Ahmed was born on 14th December 1988 in Mogadishu, Somalia. He was raised in North West London by his parents. His father was a bus driver and his family had always faced a financial crisis. Being born in such circumstances, Ahmed always wanted to achieve something big in life and make a decent standard of living for him and his family. Although these situations became a roadblock for Ahmed, he never failed to work hard.

Ahmed describing the beginning of his career

Till the age of 23, Ahmed did not figure out what or how he would make a career for himself. He was working as a retail manager at M&S but he was not satisfied with his job as he wanted more out of life. Eventually, at the age of 24, he discovered his interest in entrepreneurship, so he decided to join network marketing. He became an entrepreneur in network marketing in 2013.

Mukhtar’s rise in the field of Network Marketing

At the age of 24, Ahmed hit the top position of senior vice president, the highest rank in the company in just 2 years. He earned $3.6 million in network marketing in just 4 years and built a team of 21,000 people. At present, he is the president and co-founder of the company NeXarise, which is the amazon of network marketing. Ahmed is a part of the network marketing industry for the last 7 years now. All of this success has been achieved by him through sheer hard work and dedication.

NeXarise by Ahmed Mukhtar

This company is a new home-based business opportunity for individuals who want more out of life. Their vision is to become the Amazon of Network marketing and equally foster an atmosphere of accomplishment, achievement, cooperation, and success. The company provides an online platform for people to sell essential goods and services and earn money out of it. In addition to the selling activity, they also encourage people to build networks so that they earn at an individual level as well as through their created network on a commission basis.

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