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Accessibility has to be more than just a piece of basic gym equipment for work out.

Takeaway Keys.

  • Flexible gym equipment for an individual.
  • It adds benefits by fitting the right option.

Danielle Arbour heading to the gym with her friends in her wheelchair comments that it can defeat the purpose of going with a group if we have the accessibility of equipment.

Arbour states there are times where my friends had to go for a thing and I have to go for a completely different thing.

Further, Arbour says it gives her a feeling of unacceptance and a different environment.

Studio Verso is a new gym in St. John’s. Classes with spin and rowing the O’Leary Avenue gym houses is a different piece of equipment that makes a wheelchair workout more accessible than ever.

Emily Hickey and Maria Snow the owner believes that their Invictus Active Trainer is a first in Atlantic Canada.

The machine is designed as a treadmill for wheelchair users, in which a person would back their wheelchair onto the machine and use a locking mechanism to keep their chair in place. Then one can push their wheels which stay spinning due to two rear cylinders which can move at their own pace.

The gym opened just two weeks ago was looking to have accessible fitness options since its inception, recognizing the need for accessibility in gym settings says, Hickey.

The reason that Hickey highlights to open this facility was what moving your body does for your overall wellness, and we felt it was so important to extend that to as many people as physically possible. Thus, having a machine in a space that’s accessible is part of that.

Snow adding more benefits says it is a learning experience, finding the right fit of the machine for the individual makes it really beneficially for the person.

Hickey and Snow agreed that they had a lot of positive reception to the machine in their first week of opening. Arbour was the first to try the Invictus and said it is grateful to have accessible fitness options available locally.

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