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Increasing Covid-19 has impacted sports to postpone three Senators games.

The training of the team stops as ten players and Jack Capuano the coach remains in protocol.

Take away Keys:

  • NHL has to postpone Senators games due to the Covid-19 break.
  • It is assumed that the several games might be delayed till 2022.

Due to the hike in the cases of Covid-19, the NHL have to postpone three Ottawa Senators games on Monday. This is the first time that North America’s major professional sports leagues have to reschedule their match again.

The game schedule during the week in New Jersey on Tuesday, Thursday against Nashville, and Saturday against the New York Rangers has to be postponed. coach Jack Capuano and ten Senators are recently in NHL’s COVID-19 protocol. In spite of the team playing shorthanded Sunday, Ottawa’s increasing cases led the decisions firmly.

Among 2,430 scheduled games, Major League Baseball has nine games that were postponed due to the Covid-19 virus.

However, this year 51 games are postponed from NHL.

Though Ottawa’s match was held on Sunday in a 4-0 loss to Calgary, due to the covid-19 outbreak from Saturday NHL has to postpone it further. Because Senators assumed to be closed till Saturday as the training facilities are not open until there are safety precautions.

the league confirmed that the Senators organization is following and will continue to follow all suggested guidelines which are aimed and are implemented by NHL, local, provincial and national agencies to protect the health and safety of the players, staff, and community. 

Thus, till further notice, the team’s facilities are closed effective immediately and will be closed to safeguard players.

Until Jan 10th the league and Players’ Association withdraw from the 2022 Winter Olympics if the pandemic continues till a nearly three-week break in February which is not possible. Now, NHL is worried about rescheduling Senators’ games with Devils, Predators, and Rangers.

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