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N.L.’s Liam Hickey has gold in his presence at the 2022 Paralympic Games

Nfld and Labrador

Key takeaways: 

  • Hickey has a para hockey silver award from 2018, and Canada’s objective this year is to leave China as the winner.
  • Liam Hickey of Newfoundland and Labrador is kitting up for the 2022 Paralympic Games in Beijing.

Liam Hickey wins gold in the Paralympic Games in Beijing: 

The Olympics are finished, but Newfoundland and Labrador are even on the international sports stand, with Liam Hickey of St. John’s gearing up for the forthcoming 2022 Paralympic Games in Beijing.

This year will celebrate Hickey’s second appearance with Team Canada’s Paralympic para hockey team. In 2018, the squad got home a silver medal.

Hickey will also act as an alternate skipper this year. 

“It’s been running well. It’s been an impressive year, for sure, with all of the COVID circumstances and everything like that,” Hickey informed CBC News on Wednesday. 

“We’re just glad to be where we are right now, getting prepared for Beijing.”

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Liam Hickey prepares for Beijing Games the 2022 Para

Initially from Holyrood, Hickey was born without a femur in his right leg, but that didn’t prevent him from being physically involved and forming a very high bar for athletics in his life.

The pandemic disrupted the squad’s training plan over the prior year, said Hickey, with practices being carried in person only once a month.

 He said most practices were left to the respective players at their home rinks. Despite those challenges, Hickey stated, it’s been a good year. 

“This is a great chance for us. We have a young squad this time around,” he stated. 

“We’re keen to show what we’ve operated toward. We’ve got … eight or nine new men that have never been to a Paralympics. It’s a super-exciting moment for everyone and specifically for them.”

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