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Title Like “Cowgirl” And “Equestrian” Across Egypt Is No Other Than Haya Mostafa, Who Jumps” To Success With Show Jumping And Horse Riding

Haya Mostafa is a one-of-a-kind woman possessing tremendous skills as an Egyptian equestrian who now has made quite a name for herself in this niche of horse riding.

Born  on 1st August 1999, and today at only 23 years of age, she has already attained the prominent status. Haya’s  presence is  felt at varied competitions so far, like getting qualified for several local and international shows and also for the finals of a few competitions. She had participated in the Show Jumping Cup in Germany and went ahead in winning 1st place 8x times in her home country.

Haya Mostafa says that she realized she was always inclined toward horses and would keep gazing at them , as a result she first began riding horses at the age of only four and jumping at twelve. As years passed by, her passion for this competitive sport only kept increasing. Getting trained under professional trainers, she ensured to continuously sharpen her skills in riding and jumping, which led her to earn some of the most esteemed accolades as a show jumper across local and international competitions. She had won $4000 in her first show jumping; such is the crazy talent she has been so far in her career.

She chose to surrender to her dreams of becoming a well-known Egyptian equestrian and thus could come this far in her journey. Haya Mostafa (@haya) now suggests the same to other budding talents as well, to give it their all to their dreams, who have been vying to make their mark in the industries of their choice.

The Egyptian equestrian has come a long way, believing her dreams of taking over horse riding and show jumping as a unique equestrian and sporting talent.

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