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Restorations to washed-out roads could take up to a week, declares Transportation Department

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Key takeaways: 

  • Weekend’s warm temperatures induced flooding across the Avalon Peninsula, causing a slew of road shutdowns.
  • A big washout on the Salmonier Line this weekend. 

Repairs to the road may last for a week:

Work to restore water-damaged highways across Newfoundland persisted Monday after a weekend rainstorm that left almost 70 millimeters of rain on several island areas.

A weekend of warm temperatures and severe rain paired with melting snow induced flooding across the Avalon Peninsula, causing a slew of road shutdowns.

On Monday morning, units started to substitute channels on Route 90, Salmonier Line, around Mount Carmel.

“It was incredible how fast it went.… 2:59 p.m. Sunday was the previous record; at 3:30 there was nothing there,” stated Mount Carmel Mayor Elaine Nash, who caught some of the damage on tape. Source –

According to the local Department of Transportation report, work to substitute the trenches should be finished within a week. 

Drivers should bypass the place while units work to repair the road area. 

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It may last a week to repair roads washed out by floodings

Nash stated other road portions were soaked out by the rain but fixed. She said that the traffic flow is also running well, with a detour slowing journey times by just almost two minutes.

Nash stated the damage is possible because of the buildup of water from the weekend rain and snow, counting to what she states has been an unusually warm fall and winter.

“There’s so much water,” she stated. “The ground is flooded with water. It has nowhere to go, so it has to pile up and just clean out.” Source –

In St. John’s, units were operating throughout the day to manage problem areas, including in the regions of Blackhead and Waterford Bridge routes.

“There was a fine piece of damage done, and we had some road shutdowns that we’re beginning to restart those now,” stated St. John’s Mayor Danny Breen.  Source –

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