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St. John’s airport, firefighters, agree to persist in regular operations

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Key takeaways: 

  • The deal arrives after flight revocations and days of delay for travelers.
  • The St. John’s International Airport Authority got a deal with its firefighters on Thursday, concluding days of delay for travelers.

The St. John’s Internation Airport and firefighters reach a deal: 

The St. John’s International Airport Authority has contracted its firefighting team to uphold the airport working usually.

The airport and the Union of Canadian Transportation Employees, which depicts the firefighters, cast statements Thursday night outlining the growth. 

The union stated they’ve “reached an agreement that will see the airport stay open while addressing the problems of the airport firefighters.” Source –

The action arrives after days of delay for some air travelers.

The labor conflict between the airport and the firefighters came to a lead Tuesday afternoon when most passenger flights in and out were revoked because of insufficient staffing. 

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St. John’s airport, firefighters agree to persist regular operations

Six of the nine firefighters hired by the airport went on vacation due to worries about a tainted workplace, causing most passenger air traffic to a halt.

Eight flights were revoked because of the interruption, though flights had continued after both sides were satisfied with a federal mediator by Wednesday morning.

But that answer wasn’t permanent, and conclusions regarding whether passenger flights could persist have been made nearly day today.

“We have operated tirelessly over the past several days with the help of a federal mediator and have successfully addressed the problems that were affecting our capacity to work the airport completely,” reads the report from the St. John’s airport. The union had also shared member problems of bullying, harassment, and health and safety problems at the airport. Source –

According to the union, “the mediated compensation saves the members and tackles some safety problems. Furthermore, the employer decides to set a joint committee to address other notable issues.” Source –

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