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Coronavirus: What Happens on Tuesday in Canada and around the world?

More provinces roll out plans to immunize children against COVID19 as Ontario’s children are vaccinated.

An additional state on Tuesday outlines each deployment plan for immunizing children aged 5 to 11 years against COVID 19, with a small group of Ontario children in that age group being the first in the state to be vaccinated. 

British Columbia will begin vaccination with COVID 19 next week for children aged 5 to 11 years, the state said. From Monday, booking invitations will be sent to families with children who have registered through the Vaccinated portal.

Children receive Pfizer’s pediatric vaccine. This is the first COVID-19 vaccine approved in Canada for children of this age group. Health Canada approved the vaccine on Friday. Quebec’s Prime Minister François Legault said a youth vaccination campaign in the state will hit schools next week. 

Legault said that vaccination of children with COVID 19 is a “personal choice” and should not be under pressure, but it could help change the epidemiological situation across the state.  

Scientists have confirmed that vaccines are very safe for children. They are given pediatric doses for them, Legault said. 

Quebec quietly opened a children’s reservation on Tuesday morning.

Alberta people will be able to enroll their children on Wednesday morning. The first booking starts on Friday. Premier Jason Kenney said children aged 5 to 11 years, whether vaccinated or not, are not be subject to Alberta’s restrictions exemption program.

At the press conference, Kenney said at his press conference, “I want parents to take the time they need to evaluate their situation, review the data, and make the best choices for their children and their families.” 

Pediatric vaccinations are available at Alberta Health Services Clinics throughout the state and at pharmacies not conveniently located at AHS Clinics. 

Toronto Mayor spokesman John Tory said in Ontario, where he had already outlined the plan, for children at the city’s vaccine clinic late in the afternoon after some of PfizerBioNTech’s pediatric shots arrived early. He said the first shot was available for children in the afternoon. A group of 10 patients from the hospital for sick children and their families was invited to join.

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