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What to expect at the Olympic Games this weekend?

Olympic locations are available this weekend Ten weeks after the official opening of the Beijing Olympics, the Winter Olympics season has really speeded up. 

Here are some of the top things that will happen this weekend:

Canada’s Olympic Men’s and Women’s Curling Teams will be decided. 

Today is the final day of the Round Robin game in the Saskatoon Trial and we already know a lot. Tracy Fleury, 7-0, took first place in the women’s rankings and won a direct ticket to the finals on Sunday. She will face Saturday’s semi-final winners between Jennifer Jones (52) and those who participated in the final round-robin draw. It started at 3 pm. ET (a difficult time for us) and active Scotties champion Kerri Einerson (43) can defeat the last-placed Kelsey Rocque to secure a place for the final playoffs. 

Things get complicated when Einarson blows this away. Up to 4 teams with 4-4 points could be tied and the tiebreaker will be triggered on Saturday morning. Defending champion Rachel Homan is not involved. She left at the age of 2-5. Check out the live scoreboard here and follow CBC Sports curling reporter Devin Heroux on Twitter for the latest updates. 

As expected, Brad Gushue and Brad Jacobs will fight for an automatic starting point in the final. You are guaranteed to enter the final draw (8 pm ET) with 61 points and both will advance to the playoffs. Gushue hit Jacob’s head, so if he beats Mike McEwen tonight, he would go straight to the final. Defending champion Kevin Koe, 5-2, has an inside track at the final playoffs. 

Semifinals are Saturday-Women’s ET at 3:00 pm, Gentlemen’s ET at 8:00 pm. The final will be held on Sunday. Females are at 12:00 EST and men are at 8:00 pm. ET. Learn more about today’s results. Watch the curling show live with Devin Heroux and Colleen Jones every night at 7pm. ET on the YouTube channel of CBC Sports.

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