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A kidnapped Afghan doctor was killed after paying the ransom, says family.

The doctor’s family confirmed that he was kidnaped and killed in northern Afghanistan.

Mohammed Nader Alemi was kidnapped two months ago in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif, and his kidnapper was demanding a ransom for his release, his son Roheen Alemi said. He said the family paid them $ 350,000 after negotiating more than double the original claims.

Though the family arranged and paid the amount, the kidnapper killed Alemi and left his body on the street, his son said. They called their families and told them where to find it on Thursday, he said.

Roheen Alemi said his father has been severely tortured and his body shows signs of injury.

Psychiatrist Alemi worked at Mazar-i-Sharif State Hospital. He also owned a private clinic, which is said to be the first private psychiatric clinic in the city.

The crime spread under a former US-backed government, including frequent ransom abductions that caused several businessmen to flee Afghanistan. Kidnappings have continued, albeit infrequently, since the Taliban came to power on August 15.

Saeed Khosty, a Taliban Interior Ministry spokesman, said the Taliban troops had arrested eight suspects behind the three kidnappings, including Alemi, in Balkh, where the Mazar-i-Sharif is located. He said two of the abductees were saved, but Aremi was killed before the rescue. Police were looking for two of the eight men arrested who allegedly killed the doctor.

The Islamic Emirate has promised to find and punish the perpetrators, he said using the Taliban name in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the Taliban-run Finance Ministry has announced that all civil servants will receive three months of unpaid salary after the Taliban has taken over. One of the factors that have led to an increase in poverty in Afghanistan as the economy collapses is the lack of wages for civil servants.

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