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Search for missing Newfoundland boatmen ends with 2 men still missing at sea: RCMP

Police said in a press release Wednesday that the two men reported missing off Newfoundland are now considered missing at sea, and that they have stopped active searches. 

It was confirmed. Several agencies, including the RCMP, the Canadian Coast Guard, and the Armed Forces, were involved in a 10-day search and rescue operation. Two men, 20 and 30, set out on a hunting expedition on November 13 on a 14-foot aluminum boat near Lawrence Harbour in the Exploits Bay area. 

The case was reported as due on Sunday night and started an extensive investigation. On November 15, seekers reported finding debris floating about three nautical miles north of Black Island in Notre Dame Bay. Later confirmed that boat was overturned and personal belongings were floating in Notre Dam Bay.

According to the Coast Guard superintendent, the location was about 15 nautical miles from the starting point. 

According to RCMP, rescuers found a man by combing water, air, and soil “thousands of square nautical miles.” 

Police investigations continue, and the RCMP continues that “new evidence and sightings are being considered and followed up.”

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