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Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello confirmed separation two years later.

On Wednesday, the two singers issued a joint statement saying they were no longer romantic together. 

However, they said their love for each other as humans is stronger than ever both agreed.

Though their relationship ends but their friendship will last forever. As they supported each other will continue to support. They are also grateful for the supports that their fans have been delivering for their work.

Cabello (24) and Mendes (23) met when they were members of Fifth Harmony in 2014, both opening for Austin Mahone. Mendes loved Cabello from her first meeting and often said that all his songs were about her.

After a frivolous friendship, the two released Senorita’s very hot music video, which sparked romance rumors in June 2019. In September, Mendes confirmed that everyone already knew. They were a couple.

Talking to James Corden earlier this year, Cabello recalled how Corden claimed five years ago that “there is no way for two to be a couple.” 

The two agreed that they were in deep love with each other.

Recently they celebrated Halloween with elaborate Day of the Dead costumes. 

Mendes and Cabello share the dog, Tarzan. After the split, it is unknown who will keep the pet.

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