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N.L. is on the urge to cover patients’ medical transportation costs who missed appointments due to cyberattacks.

Take away Keys:

  • Refunds apply to patients who started their trip before November 2nd.
  • It is assumed that the patients and employees data for the past many years have been stolen in the attack.

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador will pay for medical transportation for patients whose appointments have been canceled due to a cyberattack that disrupted the state’s healthcare system. 

Insurance applies to patients who started their trip before November 2nd and all bookings were canceled due to a cyberattack. 

Labrador Residents’ $ 1,000 Medical transportation allowance is not eligible for a refund. You will be refunded for each part you use.

Patients can get a 100% refund on transportation costs such as planes, ferries, buses, taxis, and car rentals. You are also entitled to receive 25 cents per km for your private car, up to $ 125 per night for accommodation, $ 25 per night for private accommodation, and $ 29 per day for meals per patient and caregiver. 

 John Haggy the health minister promises to consider the situation and is pleased that reimbursement is available under the medical transport support program.

Jordan Brown Labrador West NDP MHA had earlier raised concerns about medical transportation costs at the House of Assembly and also the government promised to consider reimbursement.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Labrador Grenfell Health confirmed in a statement Thursday that the attack had stolen information on both patients and employees information going back nine years was stolen in the attack.

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