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Port au Port wind project requires more details and an environmental impact report

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Key takeaways: 

  • The controversial scheme is anticipated to create 164 wind turbines throughout the province.
  • An offered wind-energy task for the Port au Port Peninsula requires a bit of leg work before receiving authorization from the government. 

The firm behind the wind-energy scheme offered on the Port au Port Peninsula will require to deliver an environmental impact report and provide more details to the local Department of Environment and Climate Change before being given the go-ahead.

The controversial project proposes constructing 164 wind turbines throughout the area and hydrogen and ammonia works in nearby Stephenville.

But Environment Minister Bernard Davis wants to learn more before giving the scheme the green light.

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Port au Port wind project needs more details, environmental impact statement, rules minister

In a press release issued Friday afternoon, Davis’s deadline for a decision, the unit said Davis had announced the proponent of the project, umbrella firm World Energy GH2, of what’s anticipated.

The firm has to ensure the final proposed areas of wind turbines, worker accommodations, offices, volatile storage facilities, access roads, power lines, and substations, as well as their distances from, and possible effects on, nearby receptors.

Any project locations that coincide with protected sites, private land, mining operations, mineral licenses, leases, and recreational and traditional land uses must be recognized, along with any possible project redesign.

Source – CBC News

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