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The Beard Struggle is achieving staggering heights of success in the grooming industry with a clear vision, ‘Feast your face’.

These premium quality beard care products are introduced to help men showcase their masculine marks to the world. Story of The Beard Struggle

As individuals we may invest in many brands to take care of our grooming and lifestyle needs, but how many of the times do all these brands give the best results in meeting or fulfilling all our needs or demands? Well, the beauty, cosmetics and the grooming industry are the ones where companies have been emerging each passing day and people are also getting attracted to them, but only a few rare ones are created genuinely to make a difference in the industry and not just to make huge profits and business. The Beard Struggle is one of these men’s grooming care brands that have created great buzz and momentum in the industry, thanks to their mission and clear vision quoting, ‘Feast your face’.

Men today are very well aware of the fact that they need to pay attention to their grooming needs; however, some of them hardly get the time to focus on the same owing to their busy life schedules. The Beard Struggle helps men realize the importance of taking care of themselves and grooming their beard with the industry-best products they offer. Not only that, the founder Faiysal Kothiwala wishes to bring back the lifestyle that has been forgotten by men or has been lost due to the lack of connection to masculinity. To create another great era, Faiysal Kothiwala founded this brand to create a generation of men who can proudly flaunt their masculine mark.

Apart from offering the best grooming products for men, The Beard Struggle has dived deep with their CSR activities and has worked for various noble causes like BC cancer, St Judes Children Hospital, Wounded Veterans Project, raising CAD 30,000 in 2020. The Beard Struggle’s team proudly call their products premium that offers the best experiences of grooming to men, offering 24/7 customer support.

In the near future, Faiysal Kothiwala wishes to expand the brand and jump into other niches without compromising the core and essence of the brand. He wants to create other brands like Skin Struggle and Hair Struggle under the banner of ‘Struggle’ and help all the struggling individuals in the grooming niche with their distinctive products. The Beard Struggle has two warehouses, one in the UK and the other in Canada, where they create more products and reach customers faster with their efficient production and delivery services. The proof is their growing popularity where their products are backed with 15,000 positive reviews.

This month, The Beard Struggle is also running a Yeard Competition, where a person can win a cash prize of $10,000 and the title of World Champ. In the next five years, The Beard Struggle is working upon creating more product lines and in ten years enter in the cosmetic industry as well.

To reach out to them and their products, visit the website,

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