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Famous Youtuber Khaled Mazeedi’s Foreign Lamborghini Slapped with a Driving Ban For a Parking Ticket

A man from Dubai whose hobby appears to be shipping his Lamborghini to North America, Europe and across the world posted a video of an interaction with the Vancouver RCMP police earlier this year that has been viewed nearly 1 million times.

The Youtuber and social media star, has 2.1 million followers on instagram and 3.4 million subscribers on Youtube and is known throughout the world under the pseudonym ‘Ten’. 

In the dashcam video, posted by YouTube user “Ten”, a parking ticket clerk is seen waiting in front of a Lamborghini parked the wrong way on an empty road in front of a coffee shop. The ticket clerk, acting as a law enforcement officer, continues to aggressively ask the owner, Khaled Mazeedi, for his personal documentation. Mazeedi, confused about whether the man has the authority to view his personal documents, hesitantly complies. Shortly after, the parking clerk contacts the Coquitlam RCMP department and within five minutes, eight RCMP police officers approach the Youtube star’s Lamborghini and begin asking questions, taking photos in the process, of the owner without his consent. 

“We are stopping you because you don’t have real license plates on this vehicle,” the officers tell the man. “How are you allowed to do this?”

“But I do, the car is from Dubai, where I’m from, that’s a real license plate on my car. It’s permitted for me to import my car to any country with an international carnet, it allows me to take my car wherever I travel” the man says.

The officer responds and says “But this is definitely not Dubai, don’t you get it that your car is going to be taken away,”

“I’m here visiting on a short vacation,” the man responds.

“Well, you can’t be visiting if you brought a car with you from Dubai, where are your plates,” the officer says.

The interaction devolves from there, with the driver trying to explain that he is following the international carnet laws to the officers.

“I’m pretty sure I know the law well, I know the law and I certainly know what I’m talking about,” the officer responds.

The climax of the clip comes when the driver says to the police, “Imagine you travel to Europe and want to drive your car there. What do you think you need to do? You just ship your car using a carnet, you drive it for however long you’re there for and then you ship it back.”

“You’re a well traveled man, don’t drop your sunglasses, but you are wrong.” the officer responds.

The highlight of the interaction ends with the officers snapping a photo of Mazeedi and his Lamborghini, and handing him a parking ticket and a 3 month driving ban in the province. They then order the car be removed from the public immediately and proceed to leave.

It turns out it was the driver, Khaled Mazeedi, who knew what he was talking about.

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