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This week’s public gallery with Red sky at morning.

There must have been something in the air around Nain this week, with lots of great photos from Big land. Each is more spectacular than the previous photo, with vast snowy winter landscapes that appear to be winking on parts of the island province witness.

” Enjoy. If you discover great things about our fair state this week, scroll down to see how to join the next gallery.

All that remains in the resettlement community of St. Kiran is the ruins of the Church of Our Lady Ascended. 18-year-old Amphawa, to whom her family moved, returned to her hometown a few months ago to take this picture. (Ann Mact)

Early morning mist emerges from leafless trees to dance across the face of the sun over Flat Bay Brook as it reaches Bay St. George. (Brian Berger)

With all of this week’s tremendous rainstorms on Newfoundland’s west coast, they might need a respite, as supplied by this gorgeous rainbow near Corner Brook.

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