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Katie Thurston and John Hersey Start Dating?

If the relationship doesn’t work, try returning to the last place you found it. On national TV! Single star and vibrator lover Katie Thurston has announced to her relationship with former contestant John Hersey, who launched in the second week of the season. News Tuesday morning. 

She also officially closed her relationship on her Instagram in Taylor Swift’s “Begin Again (Taylor’s Version)” video montage, ending the “12 Days of Messy” positively. 

In early September, Thurston posted a photo with Hersey titled “Internet rumors are leading me to make this guy a dear friend.” 

Before the relationship became official, Hersey posted a video with Thurston and other bachelor’s graduates. It turned out to be a friend of their dream Instagram. 

Thurston announced a split from ex-fiance Blake Moynes on October 25, saying it was “incompatible as a life partner.” Keyword Olivia Rodrigo’s “traitor” is repeated. Moynes appeared as a surprising fan during Thurston’s season but finished second only to acting student Greg Grippo. If this makes Moynes feel better, the single relationship has recently fallen like a fly. Maybe Tayshia’s DM is open?

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