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Federal health critic calls out Ottawa for loss of assist at some point of N.L. cyberattack.

Takeaway keys:

  • Trudeau met the ministers to discuss about the attack
  • The concern is that the Canadian’s personal data are safe.

Federal health critics are calling for greater transparency and support from Ottawa in connection with cyberattacks that have affected the Newfoundland and Labrador healthcare systems for more than three weeks.

Don Davies, a member of parliament and the health critic and a New Democratic health critic of British Columbia, called the federal government’s response to cyber attacks “totally poor” and more to keep Canadians safe in the medical system than it should be.

Davies told in an interview that the Trudeau government has to realize that it is a serious concern as the data are of Canadian’s personal information.

Further, he said the government has to make sure that the personal data are safe specifically now as most of the data are managed electronically and through digital forms.

Over the past three weeks, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Newfoundland and Labrador Prime Minister Andrew Furey, and other state officials have declared that officials are just following the information passed to keep the attack details in privacy and could reveal details if it is significant to disclose as a public inquiry.

Almost all systems have been restored since the shutdown in late October, but details of the attacker’s motives and whether it was a ransomware attack are still unknown.

The idea of ​​narrowing down the details was repeated by Seamus O’Regan, one of the MPs, when asked about the federal government’s response.

During a halt in St. John’s on Friday, he told that he could not read much about it as it has not yet a public talk. He said it has been asked them to support and co-operate the province in any way. He suggested it is the talk for the highest level.

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