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Salon owners turned to N.L. complaining down on hairstylists serving unvaccinated customers.

Takeaway Keys:

  • N.L. The rule requires that customers of businesses, including hair salons, be vaccinated.
  • Salons appointments are not fixed without vaccinations.

Experienced hairstyling of 40 years Trish Molloy, owner of the Headroom hair salon in St. John’s and Paradise, recalls that she can’t remember the industry’s upheaval more than during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Stores were forced to close for four months during the shutdown, but since the vaccination pass, Molloy said, his industry has taken an even bigger hit.

Molloy said she cannot book appointments for clients who are not vaccinated.

Molloy said some of her unvaccinated clients – for some she did not allow have turned their business over to stylists serving unvaccinated clients, an activity that is not permitted. allowed under the province’s vaccine policy, Molloy said.

 “I knew they were elsewhere,” Molloy said. “I’ve been communicating with these clients. For 40 years I have been serving, some of them.”

 From October 22, the provincial government has made it significant for the residents to be fully vaccinated or have an approved medical exemption to enter her salon.

Molloy said she modified two of her businesses to follow physical distancing guidelines, installed new computers to do vaccine passports, and followed all the rules set by The provincial government set out to keep her salons open. 

But Molloy says she’s getting an extra push from stylists who don’t follow the same rules. 

Molly confirms that she they have lost 80 clients since the implementation of NLVaxPass.

Enforcement request Now,

Molloy and three other salon owners are calling out to the state government to enforce their own rules for stylists who violate the rules. 

“I think they need to be held accountable. If fines are imposed, these stylists must be fined,” Molloy said. 

Paula Adam, owner of the Signature Salon, and Brenda Chaita, owner of Hair Connection, agree with Molloy. 

Both say they lose unvaccinated clients to stylists who do not need proof of vaccination. 

Paula Adam, said they will follow the guidelines and make sure that it is implemented as per the ser rules by the government.

Adam further confirmed that they understand that it has fine while going against of the rules.

The fact that some stylists can ignore regulations and serve unvaccinated customers will cut salaries from her employees, says Chaytor.

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