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Most MUN students will be back to classes on campus on Jan 31

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Key takeaways: 

  • Classes with more irregular than 100 students will be back to offline learning.
  • Memorial University started the semester online but is ready to restart in-person classes on Jan 31.

MUN students will be back to offline classes on Jan 31: 

Most Memorial University faculty and students will be back to offlines classes in less than two weeks.

In a notice posted on the MUN Gazette Wednesday afternoon, vice-president Florentine Strzelczyk stated the conclusion to return to offline learning was created in conjunction with Public Health.

“Should the COVID-19 position in Newfoundland and Labrador change, Memorial may be needed to reverse this approach,” Strzelczyk said. Source –

Most but not all classes will restart offline on Monday, Jan 3131, with parameters identical to those in position during the fall semester.

Classes on the St. John’s campus with more irregular than 100 students will appear offline “where feasible,” while courses with higher enrollment will stay online. Labs, conducting arts programs, and practicums will take place offline.

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MUN students to return to offline learning on Jan 31

As lately as the previous week, a petition requesting the university to advance labs online garnered hundreds of signatures.

Strzelczyk stated that most MUN’s Grenfell Campus courses would restart based on occupancy, but some would stay online.

All courses at the Marine Institute will also be back to offline learning on Jan 3131.

There will be on-campus rooms for handling online classes.

The non-academic team will also return to campuses, though Strzelczyk stated units had been ordered to keep team numbers down where likely.

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