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India’s Amazing Changes in Agricultural Law “Monumental Moments” for the Canadian Diaspora.

Take away Keys:

  • Modi’s surprising statement confronted careful optimism, and observers talked about the approaching national elections.
  • A sudden announcement has confused people but it has not yet relieved farmers unless laws are formally repealed.

The sudden announcement that India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi will withdraw the country’s highly controversial agricultural law faced cautious optimism among many Canadian Diaspora Indians. However, some say they will not get any relief until the law is officially abolished.

The surprising move has been more than a year since the Bharatiya Janata Party of the Modi administration first introduced the law by ordinance and then without consulting farmers’ unions or state governments.

Farming has triggered a year of massive protests (sometimes fatal) in India. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of farmers participated in demonstrations marching to the capital.

Demonstrations were also held in Canada, including rallies outside the Indian Consulate in downtown Toronto, often in solidarity with their family and friends, Indian farmers, and hundreds of people appeared.

Opponents of the law forced farmers to sell grain to businesses at lower prices, did not give them the right to bring disputes with those prices to court, and instead dealt with them by bureaucrats to guarantee prices. 

On Friday, Modi, who promised that the law would be abolished from December.

At the Shromani Sikh Sangat Temple in eastern Toronto, farmer Gurshan Singh was suspicious of the announcement.

Sing said in Punjabi while speaking to CBC News that he does not yet consider it as happened because the procedure has not yet been processed.

Sing further said his entire village was in protest.

He further elaborates said he is grateful that his family members are safe but several people have lost their children and he believed around 700 people have died in the protest.

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