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Diesel plunges over 30 cents a liter in Labrador in the latest PUB price change

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Key takeaways: 

  • Gasoline is up by 0.9 cents per liter.
  • Gasoline rose 0.9 cents per liter in Newfoundland and Labrador, while areas of Labrador saw significant reductions in fuels like diesel and stove oil.

On Thursday, the diesel cost took a steep decline in Labrador, falling by over 30 cents per liter.

The Public Utilities Board dropped diesel costs by 31.7 cents per liter, pushing the price below $3 per liter for the first time in three weeks in some areas of Labrador. Costs range from $1.78 per liter in the Labrador Straits and Red Bay to $2.75 per liter in Churchill Falls.

Diesel rose by 1.2 cents per liter in Newfoundland, costing $2.29 and $2.40 per liter.

The cost of stove oil also noticed a surprising decline in Labrador, falling 27.5 cents per liter. Prices now vary from $1.30 to $2.08 per liter. Stove oil grew by 4.1 cents per liter in Newfoundland.

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the diesel cost took a steep decline in Labrador, falling by over 30 cents per liter

The cost of gasoline increased by 0.9 cents per liter, putting the price of a liter of normal self-serve at $1.94 per liter on the Avalon Peninsula.

Prices change in other portions of the region, including $1.96 on the Burin Peninsula, about $1.95 per liter in Deer Lake, Corner Brook, and Stephenville, and slightly over $2 per liter in western Labrador.

Furnace oil and propane also saw additions across the 1.1 and 0.7 cents per liter.

The following chart shows how gas costs have changed just at Newfoundland and Labrador retailers, as noted by users of the website.

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