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Charges dropped against 9 jailers charged over Jonathan Henoche’s death.

A judge of St. Judge Pamela Goulding issued a decision Friday morning not to allow the case to continue, providing harsh criticism of the prosecutor’s case and notifying the court that she found all corrections officers to be Coach acted calmly and professionally. 

His decision marks a milestone in a two-year criminal trial involving the grieving family of the prisoner and the Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Justice. 

The guards, all staff of Her Majesty’s Penitentiary in St. John’s, has been charged in connection with the death of Jonathan Henoche, 33: 

Jason Anthony, manslaughter. 

Jeff Thistle, manslaughter and failed to provide the basic necessities of life. David Constantine, manslaughter. 

Chris Coady, negligence caused death. 

Daniel Dalton, negligence caused death. 

Scott Dwyer, negligence caused death. 

Jenine Rickert, negligence caused death. Riley Ricks, negligence caused death. 

Lori Williams, negligence caused death. 

A fee – unable to provide for the necessities of life – is still pending for Thistle. Henoche, an Inuit from Nain, Newfoundland, and Labrador, was in St. John to await trial for first-degree murder. 

He was charged with the murder of Regula Schule, 88, in 2016. He died in custody on November 6, 2019. After a year-long investigation, the RNC announced on December 12, 2020, that they arrested several prison staff in connection with Henoche’s death. Henoche was incarcerated in the Queen’s prison at the time of his death.

Protecting “order and composure” 

Evidence submitted for the preliminary investigation remains prohibited from publication until Goulding issues a ruling on Friday. 

Almost all interactions between the accused guards and Henoche on the day of his death were captured on video. This footage shows a conflict between a guard and Henoche, Goulding said, resulting in the two men fighting and causing them to bleed as well. 

Another guard intervenes to take down Henoche, who continues to resist. “Both officers feared for their safety,” Goulding said. The guards then called in a “gray code”, sending other Unit 2B prisoners to their cell and calling in officers willing to subdue Henoche. The judge said he was taken by elevator to a solitary cell, flanked by guards, who remained “tidy and calm”.

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