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Project Snowflake: This secret Santa Claus brings joy to the elderly in St. Johns

The smallest gift means the world to the inhabitants of St. Luke’s Community Living . 

A special secret Christmas project at St. John’s Retirement Home ensures that residents wake up with gifts under the Christmas tree.

The “Snowflake Project” has fulfilled the wishes of the elderly in St. Luke’s Community Living for six years.

 Crysta Domino, the coordinator of the Family Adult Daily Program, says she and her colleagues wanted something in harmony with St. Luke’s when she and her colleagues came up with this idea in 2016. 

“We chose snowflakes for winter and snow, and I thought we could walk with them,” she told on Monday. 

St. Luke’s offers affordable housing and long-term care, and Domino states that both residents are eligible for the Snowflake project. 

According to Domino, many residents receive a $ 150 monthly “comfort allowance” from the state government, which they use to pay for their phone bills and cut their hair. 

However, in many cases, there was a shortage of money to buy more expensive personal care items, which was one of the reasons they started the program. 

“We have caregivers who have no family or have low incomes for some reason. That was the main reason we started,” Domino said. “I choose people now because I can use a little luck and brighten Christmas.”

One of the inhabitants chosen to experience the joy of Christmas is Evelyn Jones. 

For them, the secret Santa Clause is a sign of the love of the staff. She said she loves to live in St. Luke’s for something like dominoes.

 “I brought my family to St. Luke’s,” said Jones, who has lived in St. Luke’s for 11 years. “Last year, my god, last year I got clothes, chocolate and shoes,” Jones said. 

“Snow boots. I got a lot of things, blankets and everything else last year.” That year, Jones asked about personal care items. “I asked for a lot of shower gel,” Jones said. Clean my teeth, even for my teeth. I was asked about that too … I don’t ask too much. No, no, I don’t bother much with that”.

Like Jones, most residents don’t want much. 

“You tend to be surprised and overwhelmed by even the smallest gifts,” Domino said. 

“In long-term care, we want to provide something more convenient than at home.” 

Selected residents tell Domino and other volunteers what they want to receive from the secret Santa Claus. 

The wish is written on a piece of paper hanging from the Christmas tree at the front door of St. Luke. What started with about 40 snowflakes on a tree has now more than doubled.

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