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Worries and disappointments in Ottawa’s African community occurred due to the new variant.

Members of the African community in Ottawa want to do more to help the Government of Canada support vaccination efforts in Africa and around the world as the new variant of COVID 19 warns public health experts. 

It states that all foreigners who have traveled to seven countries in southern Africa in the past two weeks will enter Canada after the World Health Organization declares a variant of Omicron worried on Friday, were banned. 

“We can see the results of neglecting vaccinations in other parts of the world,” said Godlove Ngwafusi, a spokesman for the Black Canadians Association in Ottawa. “There is evidence that it was more cost effective to ensure that everyone (everyone in the world)was vaccinated.”

Scientists are concerned about the omicron variant, which was discovered last week in South Africa, because it has more than 30 mutations on the spike protein it uses to enter human cells — more than double the mutations of the delta variant, which currently accounts for the majority of cases in Canada.

According to Mfana Cele, president of the South African Rainbow Association of Ottawa, omicron demonstrates why affluent nations, such as Canada, should do more to fund global vaccine efforts.

“People of African heritage, and Africa in general, can’t help but feel that we’ve been excluded once again,” he remarked.

“It’s a little sad that nations like Canada are already talking about a third vaccine when some countries haven’t even received their first.”

Omicron has stepped up its call in Canada to increase access to COVID 19 booster syringes. The United States, United Kingdom, and Israel have widespread use of booster vaccination, followed by some Canadian states. So far, Ontario has only expanded its high-risk Ontario eligibility but is aiming to deploy it in early 2022 to qualify for full eligibility.

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