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Costs, coverage, and fine print that travel agents cover in the trip.

With the opening of borders, the federal government has allowed people to travel from the U.S. land border, now people are ready to explore more in the country.

Wendy Paradis, president of the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA) has observed travel agents are receiving a higher number of inquires, especially from clients eyeing sunny getaways in February or March of next year.

Paradis says travel agents are having more than six clients a day which is double the number that they normally field before Covid-19. The most question that the travel agent has to answer is about travel insurance.

Now the positive news is that more than half of travel agents in Canada are providing travel insurance that takes care of medical emergencies or trip disruptions linked to the virus. Will McAleer, executive director of the Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada (THIA) executes the same.

McAleer says when the trip is canceled then you recover some expenses if your travel plans are derailed, usually it is review from the date of purchase and not till your departure date.

While he says if you are vaccinated, then most of the plans are not going to charge you extra for Covid-19 coverage.

However, Paradis suggests checking the plan which has the coverage. Further, he also advises getting coverage as soon as you’ve made your booking.

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