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Halifax provides nutrition education to people facing disabilities.

Take away keys:

  • Focus on food safety.
  • reachAbility wishes to explore food security through the Hello reach Program.

Halifax-based nonprofits are inspired by grocery delivery services across the country to provide their customers with adequate nutrition, education, and budget.

Non-profit reachAbility released its latest program, Hello Reach, in February. This is to help those who rely on their offerings to make good use of their food. With the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic making food more and more problematic, Hello Reach prepares Halifax Municipal Reachability customers with confidence in the kitchen and a healthy diet for themselves and their families. Provides confidence that you are doing it.

This is basically a food safety service that we perform for HRM, “said ReachAbility Coordinator Chelsea Coffin. “We have helped over 50 customers, but of course these customers include households, partners, roommates and children.

Nova Scotia is one of Canada’s countries with the highest rates of food insecurity, and since the start of the COVID, 19 pandemic in 2020 Canada’s food banks have seen a 20-50% increase in demand for food donations in some regions.

Coffin said it is a big deal even before the pandemic, food security within HRM was a big issue. Then the pandemic happened, and not only did people lose food security, but they also lost the sense of the community.

Now, ReachAbility staff wants to bring the sense of the community back to their customers by implementing outreach programs like Hello Reach.

Further, she said they are supporting to construct that network again up via way of means of concerning human beings in something like this wherein they could get collectively together along with their roommate or their associate or their youngsters and prepare clean meals.

ReachAbility is a non-earnings enterprise primarily based totally out of Halifax that offers supportive and on-hand packages to people dealing with boundaries to inclusion and network participation. Services like employment, housing, mental health, and wellness are free.

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