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Hundreds of birds perish at St. John’s exhibition farm in avian flu catastrophe

Nfld and Labrador

Key takeaways: 

  • Highly pathogenic avian flu recognised in N.L. has been understood to induce intense human disease and death.
  • Farm owner Jim Lester got a local veterinarian after seeing a more elevated than a normal number of dead chickens on his farm.

The Avian Flu tragedy in Nfld and Labrador: 

A St. John’s exhibition farm is under isolation after being pounded badly by a type of avian influenza that is fatal to birds and has been known to hurt humans.

According to a statement filed with the World Organization for Animal Health, a flu strain found on Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula eradicated 360 birds on Lester’s Farm Chalet. The 59 remaining birds on the farm were killed to stop the additional spread of the virus.

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Many birds die at St. John’s due to the Avian Flu tragedy

The birds’ owner states it’s a catastrophe for his farm, which doesn’t increase birds for human consumption and also held show birds such as peacocks and Silkie hens.

“Each one of those birds had characters and we had them bred to be social. They were more than just livestock. So it was a true catastrophe and it has impacted us emotionally as well as financially,” stated Jim Lester. “A lot of them were rare breeds or specific types of breeds that we have grown for years.” Source –

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