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Natuashish reported a two-digit case number as CoVID first infected the community.

Though contact tracers are working hard they still are facing challenges chief says.

According to Mushuau Innu First Nation Chief John Nui, COVID 19 has invaded a large, isolated Natuashish community for the first time, and contact tracers are struggling. 

Nui said he and the council received their first update from their health care workers on Tuesday. Since then, the community has reported 30 cases in a community of 935 people located 295 kilometers north of Happy Valley Goose Bay. 

These cases do not include the number of people who are in close contact with the symptoms but are advised not to be tested due to untreated tests in the state.

“Given the size of our community, the numbers are huge for us and we are very worried and, of course, so,” Nui said. “Everyone is worried. Most people are isolated in their homes and stay in their bladder … working together can overcome this.” 

As a precautionary measure, the church We do not allow commercial flights. The youngest case is 2 years old, and the current oldest case is 55 years old, Nui said. Contact tracing is underway, but he says there are challenges. 

“It’s very difficult for them because some of them are new and need the help of community members to do this job … somehow to get in touch with the people on the list,” he said. 

He said some people in the community don’t have a phone and need to be contacted via social media or other means, adding that the community currently has sufficient test material. 

 Nui claimed that the exposure took place in a community shop, and that those who tested positive entered the store and created an exposure site, but public health investigations are underway. After that, the community store was changed from Walkins to Appointments.

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