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Serious rain induces flooding, landslides in Trout River

Nfld and Labrador

Key takeaways: 

  • Thursday’s serious rain impaired houses and property in the community on Newfoundland’s west coast.
  • Most roads were loaded with overflow in Trout River, N.L., on Thursday, flooding cellars and destructive property. 

Trout River flooded due to serious rain: 

Thursday’s serious rain on the west coast of Newfoundland induced flooding and some landslides in Trout River, according to the community’s deputy mayor.

“Everything on Main Street was underwater,” stated Natalia Crocker. “Most individuals had pumps heading out through their back doors.… There are trailers and Ski-Doos just stuck in ice now.” Source –

Crocker estimated three landslides, one of which she states took out someone’s shed. Another, she stated, buried a goat, which endured the landslide but was impaired. No citizens were hurt.

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Hefty rain causes flooding landslides in Trout River

Runoff from the serious rain flowed into the community from more increased elevations, Crocker stated and increased the river’s waterline higher than the major road. Snow and ice buildup in trenches contributed to the flooding. 

“We’re going to be uttering about … those steps in council for the next little while,” she said. Source –

Citizens were still bailing out their basements into the little hours of the morning on Friday, the deputy mayor stated.

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