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MP Kevin Vuong apologized to Prime Minister, Liberal Party, and supporters after being expelled by the party.

Ottawa-Disputed Toronto MP Kevin Vuong, abandoned by the Liberal Party a few days before the general election after failing to disclose allegations of withdrawn sexual assault, apologized to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The apology came when a former naval reservist and businessman appeared in the morning on the Toronto radio show Moore in his first interview since the September 20 elections.

Vuong has been denied as a liberal candidate for Spadina Fort York, but is still elected to Congress and will win a seat as an independent member next week.

Vuong declined to discuss the allegations during the interview, saying he focused on being a good MP for his members.

However, he said he deeply regrets not disclosing the allegations raised in 2019 and later withdrawn while being scrutinized as a candidate for the Liberal Party.

Mr. Vuong said he was “naive” and “too enthusiastic” to become a liberal MP but only learned that the party had dropped him as a candidate shortly before the news came out in the media.

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