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Hundreds of MUN students ask for labs to drive online amid COVID-19 surge

Nfld and Labrador

Key takeaways: 

  • ‘I don’t fully feel that they’re safe,’ states biology student Kira Whittaker.
  • Over 670 Memorial University students have signed a petition to move offline labs online during the present surge of COVID-19. 

The MUN students call for online labs due to the spike in covid cases: 

Hundreds of Memorial University students have signed a petition requesting the school to drive offline labs online, as the present surge of COVID-19 goes on in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The university returned to mostly online education for January as the Omicron surge spread across the region, but did permit for rare key anomalies to that policy — including labs for courses in the Faculty of Science, which are placed to take place in-person for the winter semester.

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The students of MUN request for online labs due to the spike in covid cases

“I’m concerned about in-person labs. I don’t fully feel that they’re safe,” biology student Kira Whittaker informed CBC Radio’s St. John’s Morning Show on Wednesday. While those labs aren’t prepared to begin till the following week, students like Whittaker — who co-organized the petition which had 670 signatures as of Thursday morning — are still nervous. Source –

“Myself and other students were emailing MUN faculty looking for answers about the upcoming labs in-person, and no one appeared to be getting any answers,” Whittaker stated. “So we chose to organize and address the faculty as one voice.” Source –

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