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Overdose of spoiled drugs is more likely than N.L. Lawyers warn when road supplies are depleted

3 Short-term overdose last month triggered police warnings 

Reduced supply of illegal drugs in Newfoundland and Labrador may have contributed to recent overdose, harm reduction is a warning. 

As of , “whatever you get, you can get it,” explains Emily Wadden, Coordinator of the St. John’s Safeworks Access Program. “There is no previously existing choice.” RCMP warned last month that “reddish-brown substances” are circulating in the Harbor Grace area, where at least three people have recently overdose. Two were treated in the hospital and one died, police said.

Wadden and other frontline workers may continue this trend as highly toxic opioid fentanyl penetrates into states that were once largely isolated from the contaminated drug supply in Western Canada. It states. 

“People sent me a text message that there was a bad drug out there and I needed to be careful,” said Jeff Bourne, director of the U Turn Dropin Center, Carbonear’s addiction awareness and support group. 

Until the toxicology report comes back, Bourne has no way of knowing if the drugs used in the overdose last month are contaminated, and if so, what they are bound to be. 

A RCMP spokesman told that researchers are still waiting for test results.

However, Bourne fears that low supplies can drive people to other substances or unknown sources if the drug of choice is not found, increasing the risk of going to the hospital. 

He and other supporters have also observed a tendency to move east across Canada and may have recently been floating around here by Eastern Health, such as a batch of counterfeit opioid pills containing isotonitazen. 

Labrador has pointed out that new beers like opioids similar to fentanyl, recently released as, will arrive in Newfoundland weeks or months later.

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