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Wondering what is Urban Dictionary name trend is? How to search your name meaning.

The latest trend in social media is for people to search for their name in urban dictionary and post the positive and non-positive “definition”.

This is the first online glossary created to explain slang terminology for those unfamiliar with urban dictionary. 

In 22 years of history, the site has grown to define human names in political terms, video games, and this latest trend.

In the latest trend to attract social media, people search their own names on Urban Dictionary and post both positive and negative “definitions”. 

For those new to Urban Dictionary, this is an online glossary originally created to explain slang terms. 

In its 22-year history, the site has evolved to identify political terms, video games, and the latest trending human names.

The entries also don’t match what you’d find in more standard dictionaries, such as the Oxford English Dictionary or the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

They are usually submitted by anyone and checked by volunteer editors, so the grammar is imperfect and there may be NSFW language involved. For example, the definition of “name” in the urban dictionary, it contains all of the above.

This is how the Urban Dictionary name trend began and how to find your own definition.

The Urban dictionary name trend started when Instagram user @bymayuuu posted the prompt “Show us your name in Urban Dictionary” and his query quickly went viral.

Since then, Twitter and Instagram users have posted these name definitions to their social media profiles. 

Example: @eviljordan tweeted that his name appearing in urban dictionaries means he is “a kind and lovely person, very funny, [stylish] and attractive”.

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