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Be prepared to change your domestic vacation travel plans among the fast-moving variants of Omicron, according to medical experts.

The new COVID 19 strain is considered highly contagious and can infect vaccinated individuals

According to medical experts investigating COVID 19, the rapidly prevailing variant of the Omicron coronavirus requires Canadians to be “ready to change their domestic travel plans” during this holiday season. 

It means that. “If you can avoid traveling, avoid it,” he said. Peter Juni, Head of the COVID 19 Scientific Advisory Table in Ontario. 

“We really need to get in touch seriously.” And to those who have already bought domestic tickets and train tickets, he said he had a question: “You Can still cancel? ”  

Canada’s Chief Public Health Director, Ph.D. Theresa Tam said the number of cases of Omicron variants could “rapidly increase” in the coming days and is becoming the predominant coronavirus strain in Canada.

Although highly contagious and thought to be able to infect vaccinated people, early reports suggest that the risk of hospitalization may be low. 

Juni pointed out that even people who have been vaccinated twice may be at risk of getting the virus or getting the virus on a plane or train. 

David Naylor, Co-Chair of the COVID19 Immune Task Force, suggested that those who choose to travel in the coming weeks should look more carefully for alternatives to travel so that they are not in a cramped place.

“I fully understand that many Canadians want to travel in the next three weeks for all sorts of personal reasons,” Naylor said. “It would be much better if we could avoid traveling or get to our destination in a private car with a limited number of reliable passengers.”

Avoid traveling 

Naylor said Canadian regulations require that anyone over the age of 12 be fully vaccinated by plane, train, or ship. He also stated that air filtration is generally efficient on airplanes and that COVID 19 infections on board are rare. 

“In the case of Omicron, that could change, and train journeys are now dangerous,” he said. “Therefore, please mask again carefully to limit the time to remove the mask during flight or train journey.” 

Naylor also vaccinated a holiday gathering with two or three COVID19 vaccines. We recommended limiting it to family members and trusted friends. “We don’t limit the number of people in this situation, but the bigger the rally, the higher the risk that Omicron and Delta will crash the party,” he said.

The status of vaccination is very important, said the epidemiologist Dr. Jeff Kwong of the University of Toronto and those traveling by plane or train should ideally take 3 or at least 2 doses if only 2 doses as a mandatory dose. 

However, he said travelers can also be safer by wearing a high quality N95 or KF94 mask. “Risk cannot be completely eliminated,” he said. 

“The only way to eliminate the risk is to go nowhere, but make things as safe as possible.” Dr. Lynora Saxinger, Ph.D. infectious disease specialist and associate professor at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, said that it is necessary to consider where to travel and determine the best way to minimize risk, especially if you are going to an area with a high number of Omicron.

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