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Experts have realized that N.L. cyberattack worst in Canadian history, and it required a federal response.

On Saturday 30th October when the cyberattack knocked Newfoundland and Labrador’s health system data centers, it should be a matter of national security and should be treated as the capital of the country’s security says, experts.

David Shipley, chief executive officer of Beauceron Security New Brunswick considers it the worst attack in Candian history. Though similar attacks have been experienced in past in individual hospitals or more general government services in the country. However, the worst consequences for human health make the Newfoundland and Labrador situation stand out. 

The cybercrime expert in an interview says “We’ve never seen an entire health network – multiple health networks – taken down like this,” The whole health system is on the database system. 

Moreover, it has been observed thousands of medical appointments across the country have been canceled due to the cyberattack. Shipley further added that is not advisable to play with the health of people. Because it might cause major issues to various people’s health. When we are talking about the potential for life and death decisions on the basis of data it has to be secure and protected,’

The CEO calls this attack the most destructive and disruptive attack seen in Canada.

When it comes to dealing with disruption to healthcare delivery, and while emergency room care and hospitals are generally well-rehearsed with the IT outages or power outages in the short term. Thus it would not be properly equipped to operate without access to things like diagnostic imaging, patient records, things, particularly for more complex cases.

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