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TapWater’s Rapid Rise as a YouTuber and Artist

Matthew Rodriguez talks about the many challenges he faced and what he learned from his journey thus far.

People who wish to make their name prominent in any industry today are also aware of how challenging things might get in their respective journeys. Today, individuals across fields, mainly the youth, know and understand that success is something that can only be reached when one surrenders himself to his goals and focuses on only sharpening his skills, knowledge, and talents in the same with a strong mental fortitude. Matthew Rodriguez, aka TapWater, who is known as a YouTuber and artist influencer from the US, can’t agree on enough to this and says that people need to understand that every journey offers its own challenges and roadblocks, but people must keep walking their path anyway and understand that only after overcoming these hurdles can they make their jump to success.

Known for creating highly entertaining and family-friendly videos on his YouTube channel and reaching greater heights as a YouTuber and artist influencer, TapWater never took any day for granted and made sure to create newer opportunities for himself to grow as a video creator and YouTuber to eventually stand unique in the saturated industry. We were intrigued to know about the journey he lived thus far and the challenges he faced along the path, on which he stated that one of the major challenges for him starting out as a creator was that it was hard for him to get the time to create refreshing and engaging content consistently.

Since he became a YouTuber, while he was still in school, balancing school, life, and YouTube, everything had got tough for him to handle, but over time, with his resilience and determination, he got adjusted to the game and now doesn’t want to stop for anyone. What he wants others to know through his journey is that people need to develop a lot of patience to reach somewhere in life. If it is an overnight success, it may not last, but if it is a gradual success graph, a person may be able to continue the momentum and keep growing each day as a creator, he explains.

TapWater (@tapwater) warns others YouTubers that they must always avoid taking long breaks in creating content as that can lower their presence and buzz. Viewers will end up finding someone else to watch, and when a YouTuber shows up again, viewers may not have forgotten them, but they may get used to watching someone else, which results in cutting the viewership.

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